Important Dates

August 1st – Practice Begins

8/16 Dry Certification
8/25 Official Weigh-In
8/26 Opening Day
10/27 Opening Round playoffs
11/3 – 11/4 State Championships

Regional Playoffs
1st round of Regionals, playing Nov. 10/11
2nd Round of Regionals Nov. 17/18
Championships D1 on Friday 11/24
Championships D2 on Saturday 11/25

We are running an in-house flag league using Pop Warner rules.

Mitey Mites
+30 = 10 Plays minimum
-30 = 12 Plays minimum
1 coach on the field the entire season
No kickoffs – 35 yard line start

Mitey Mite Bowl
We have a yearly Mitey Mite Bowl which is a fun game for all the kids. The games are matched up based on record, score is not kept and each team receives medals. All information TBD as season progresses.